In my twenties I taught surfing to at-risk youth and fell in love with using movement as a tool to empower people, especially young women. I’ve seen firsthand how movement modalities directly correlate to building confidence, mental strength, and resilience. I read a book called The Rise of Superman, which introduced me to the term "flow state" and suddenly why I love the things that I do made more sense.

Watch me talk more about my experience with flow state below.


Flow State

Flow State:

An optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best. the individual feels truly alive and fully attentive to what is being done.
// adapted from Mihaly Csikszentmihaly

definition of 

How I started

I first learned to scuba dive which greatly helped with underwater awareness and the ability to equalize my ears. Next I took a series of courses, the most recent two were through. Molchanov freediving where I learned rescue scenarios, efficient body position, and breathing exercises.

I currently hold my WAV 2 certification for freediving and advanced open water certification for scuba. I can hold my breath for 4 minutes (static) and my max depth freediving is 104 ft/31 m.

I never thought I would be a freediver. Growing up I could never even dive down to the bottom of a pool. Contrary to popular belief, I didn’t start diving, surfing, or acroyoga until my early twenties. These are all relatively new to me and I still remember that feeling of “I don’t ever think I could be good at that”. 

Free Diving

"I didn't grow up as this person, I grew in to this person."
- Chelsea

 Acroyoga came into my life after being flown by one of the founders of the acroyoga movement at a yoga festival. I laughed so hard when we finished and I fell in love with that joy and human connection found within the journey of acro.

This practice transformed the way I communicate and my understanding of trust, alignment, and partnership dynamics. After years of personal practice I trained under Acroyoga International’s program and received my teacher training certification. My goal is to bring acro to one million more people in my lifetime.

If you want to try acroyoga I have a few beginner poses which are explained on @kauaiacroyoga. Learning in person from a teacher or at a retreat is the most enjoyable and fastest way to progress so I would recommend googling acro communities or classes near you! I don't currently teach a set schedule. Acroyoga International has a comprehensive online foundations course, Acro Rev has some resources on their website, and youtube has been the place where we have learned the most. Taking a few foundation classes helps you practice safely :) If you are ever in Santa Monica there is an acro jam every Sunday at The Green.


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