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Frequently Asked Questions Q. What are Lightroom presets? A. Lightroom presets are adjustable filters you apply in the editing process to make your photo look a certain way or style. Over the years of editing I’ll change things like curves, shadows, split toning etc to achieve a specific look. When I find one that works […]

Photos by: @josiahwg After living in Tulum for a month I was able to visit a small portion of the hundreds of cenotes in the area. It’s some of the clearest water and best diving I’ve experienced so I’m excited to share some of my notes with you. In Mayan culture, cenotes are the openings […]

This month I’m doing a 30 day meditation challenge for myself. I notice how much more centered I feel starting my day, more clear in what is important to me, and more in touch with my emotions (versus being affected by other people’s energy). Many people tell me they don’t know how to meditate or […]

I know a lot of you have asked for more Kauai related recommendations so here are some of my favorite places to eat on island. I tend to favor healthy dishes, local ingredients, and family owned small places so a lot of these lean that way. If you’ve been here and don’t see your favorite place […]

So as you guys probably know I’ve just returned from my spontaneous sixteen day adventure across Iceland. Initially I was going to a four day women’s retreat. Ten or so days before my trip it occurred to me that well, four days just didn’t quite seem like enough. I went for it, got a girlfriend crazy […]