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July 20, 2020

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Hi everyone! A long-overdue podcast list featuring some of my recommendations but a lot from you all too! Where applicable I listed the exact episode recommended. Feel free to add any others (along with a short description and episode recommendation in the comments). Happy listening and learning 🙂


A few of my recent favorites:

Why is This Happening Episode Abolishing Prisons with Mariame Kaba

Broken Brain Podcast Episode 55 How to Redesign the Subconscious Mind

The School of Greatness Episode 811 on Find Lasting Love

Fresh Air Why the U.S. Prison System Makes Mental Illness Worse (and How We Might Fix It)

The Ezra Klein Show Nicholas Carr on deep reading and digital thinking


NPR Invisibilia (about the hidden things that impact our lives)

The Expanded Podcast interview with Yung Pueblo

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard (highly recommended)

Serial Season 3 (about the American court and jail systems) Highly recommended 

The Drive with Peter Attia (medicine/science heavy but was recommended by quite a few people) “My Ocean” episode with Paul Nicklen

OFFSHORE by Honolulu Civil Beat Season 4

Ologies by Alie Ward (about science and nature learn about different scientists in their field of study from birds to volcanos, to fossils)

Flow Research – (about peak performance and flow state from Steven Kotler who wrote a few of my favorite and most recommended books – Abundance, Rise of Superman, and Stealing Fire)

On Being episode With Robin Diangelo and Resmaaa Menakem (about systemic racism and what we can be doing as ally/antiracists), Episode with Esther Perel The Erotic is an Antidote to Death

Unwasted Podcast by Imperfect food. Episode ft Ron Finley (this is a huge area of interest for me after I was introduced to how crazy the food waste is by my friends at @foodmesh)

Star Talk by Neil Degrasse Tyson (each episode is about some sort of science related field then branches out and explores its connections to other areas like pop culture, philosophy, politics etc)


Work Life with Adam Grant (in association with TED which also has a great podcast channel)

Water People Podcast (Stories about aquatic experiences that shape us)

Pod Save Africa (Africa produced about news on the African continent)

Radio Lab (tons of topics and really well produced) Episode “Playing God” about our current pandemic

Rich Roll “How to Survive a Pandemic”

Against the Rules by Michael Lewis episode The Hand of Leonardo

Brene Brown (second episode)

Tim Ferriss with Liz Gilbert

Tim Ferriss with Hugh Jackman

Unlikely Hikers

This Land (about how a murder opened an investigation with five Native American tribes and might result in the largest restoration of tribal land)

The Knowledge Project interview with Naval Ravikant (I have listened to Naval’s podcast and LOVE it so I’m sure this interview is equally valuable)

Dirtbag Diaries “Mr Hodges” or “Flip of a Coin”

Justin and Abbi Stumvoll of the Connected Life Epi 29 (for healthy relationship communication)

The Health Code (about healthy lifestyle career relationships)

Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast (comedian + news)

Throughline (breakdown of historic events by looking at what’s happened in the past)

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