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Frequently Asked Questions Q. What are Lightroom presets? A. Lightroom presets are adjustable filters you apply in the editing process to make your photo look a certain way or style. Over the years of editing I’ll change things like curves, shadows, split toning etc to achieve a specific look. When I find one that works […]

  1. Your brain actually can’t measure how much oxygen is in your blood. Your urge to breathe comes from a buildup/elevated level of carbon dioxide (since you aren’t exhaling).  When you start to have ‘contractions’ sort of a light spasm in your diaphragm which is your body trying to tell you to breathe, generally […]

Hi friends, Greetings from Tulum as I am halfway through completing my next freediving certification. It’s been a grueling yet beautiful week of 7:30 am to 5 pm spent in the water. In both acro and freediving, the lesson that keeps coming up for me this year is how to apply the right amount of […]

Photos by: @josiahwg After living in Tulum for a month I was able to visit a small portion of the hundreds of cenotes in the area. It’s some of the clearest water and best diving I’ve experienced so I’m excited to share some of my notes with you. In Mayan culture, cenotes are the openings […]

Hi everyone! A long-overdue podcast list featuring some of my recommendations but a lot from you all too! Where applicable I listed the exact episode recommended. Feel free to add any others (along with a short description and episode recommendation in the comments). Happy listening and learning 🙂   A few of my recent favorites: […]

At the beginning of last year I had never once contemplated visiting South Africa. First off, it’s quite literally on the other side of the globe and I really hadn’t heard too much about it. I thought mmm desert, lions, wildlife photographers and retired bird watchers – no idea why that was just my weirdly […]