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Kukui’ula Kaua’i + Top South Shore adventures


All photos in collaboration with @samkolder This past February Sam and I got to stay (our second time!) at The Club at Kukui’ula on Kaua’i’s south shore (@kukuiula) for eight spectacular days of adventure, quiet time, and deep work before I headed out to India. With a focus on living well Kukui’ula’s private community maintains […]

I know a lot of you have asked for more Kauai related recommendations so here are some of my favorite places to eat on island. I tend to favor healthy dishes, local ingredients, and family owned small places so a lot of these lean that way. If you’ve been here and don’t see your favorite place […]

All photos taken in collaboration with Sam Kolder. As part of our trip across Finland, Sweden, and Norway our team got to stay at the very exclusive Wolf Lodge in Northern Norway about three hours drive from our previous stop, the Ice Hotel in Kiruna, Sweden. The lodge is part of the larger Polar Park, […]

I recently shared a little instagram story about the “one minute rule” from Gretchen Rubin’s podcast “Happier” and was blown away by the hundreds of messages I received about people wanting/trying/being more productive. This has a huge area of interest for me a) because I own my own business and therefore am my own boss […]

This February I was invited by the Four Seasons to experience and photograph their newly reopened eco-luxury resort on the Peninsula Papagayo, a 1,400 acre private peninsula in the northern coast of Costa Rica. I had heard so much about Costa Rica’s “pura vida” lifestyle, but I didn’t quite understand what it meant until I was […]

Everything feels circular in Nepal. Karma. Walking around the temples (always clockwise). Spinning of the prayer wheels to release blessings out into the world. The red tika dotting my forehead, a blessing to me from our girls at Raksha Nepal. The sun, always a red glowing disk through the haze of pollution. Her turquoise skirt […]